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- Bittencourt Project

Solo project in which Rafael Bittencourt abandons the typical Angra virtuosity to create more connected to their personal influences sounds. Merging the unique way the various genres and styles that are part of his musical training, such as hard rock, Brazilian regional rhythms, Celtic music and classical music.

- Personal Guitar Trainer

Method applied in individual classes aimed at improving the routine studies, enhance and develop the skills and abilities of the student, setting goals and listing priorities.

- Improvement in Composition

Individual lessons that bring the techniques of Classical Composition for the universe of popular music and rock. Rafael Bittencourt shows various ways and possibilities of developing an idea beyond the known to the student, gradually increasing the sophistication and the range of the student’s creation.

- Courses

  • Analysis and Music Composition
  • Music for Dummies

Quick three-hour course that aims to expand the musical perception of music lovers and aspiring musicians. Hearings and analysis in music and song samples of different styles within a historical context increases the pleasure of listening and select music.

  • Injection in the Forehead

Course taught in six classes to large classes, inspired by motivational talks and self-help. Focuses on the education of the artist and the paths to the development of the creative personality, as well as the importance of the perception of their “self-image” and as this is crucial for a good placement.

- Lectures

  • The Artist Within Each One
  • Lecture an hour and a half that summarizes the course content INJECTION IN THE FOREHEAD for the general public, where Rafael Bittencourt defends the importance of recognizing the intuitive side as a great helper of reason and as a good balance of these two pathways of our perception optimize our potential.Transformando o Seu Mundo
  • Sala do Professor

- WorkShops

Traveling throughout Brazil and the world in a presentation that combines entertainment and information. Exposes a relaxed way developed his style and gives tips for aspiring musicians and professionals to achieve the same. Illustrates the issues playing the songs (accompanied by playback on CD or Ipod) that marked his career and makes demonstration of equipment that provides a particular sound.

- Sphaera Rock Orquestra

Rafael Bittencourt, Angra guitarist and Bittencourt Project, accepted the invitation maestro Alexey Kurkdjian to present their compositions and Classic Rock and Heavy Metal side of Sphaera Rock Orchestra to

- Freaking out ideas

Kind of “show-debate” which, along with other great teachers and professionals in the music field, Rafael Bittencourt demonstrates in a practical way the theoretical concepts covered in their other courses. The musicians talk about their individual experiences and respond to questions from the audience between interpretations of Brazilian and international themes and improvisations in a kind of open trial.

- Senior Magazine Esoteric SITRA AHRA

Guitarist RAFAEL BITTENCOURT recently wrote an article published in the second edition of Sitra Ahra magazine.

- Band Coaching

Advice given to beginners bands have formed, where Rafael Bittencourt visit the trials and helps to achieve better results in the areas targeted by the group. Find and build style, rehearsing productively and prepare for recordings and live performances. And yet, as transmit and disseminate efficiently the image, the concepts and the attitude of the band.